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For information about what qualifies me to coach you in online poker check out my credentials page.

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Why Hire a Coach?


The first thing you might wonder when deciding whether for not to invest your money in a poker coach is whether it’s really worth it and how it’s better than just learning on your own.

In poker we’re frequently asking ourselves questions that lead us to making a good decision. Below, I’ve compiled a list of FAQs about hiring a coach.

1. There’s so much information out there so why is hiring a coach worth it when I can simply learn for free?


It’s certainly true that there a wealth of information available these days for aspiring players and a lot of it is good information. Despite an incredibly small % of new poker players make any real progress in the game these days and there are a few reasons for this. firstly taking in new concepts and then making sure you apply those concepts correctly and in the right situations are two entirely different things. As your coach I act as a guide and mentor to make sure you don’t fall into this very common trap. Passive learning very often leads to an incomplete or flawed understanding and hence misapplication rears its ugly head time and time again.

As a new poker player, you’ll also be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of new information available. It’s impossible to learn even a small portion of it, so where to start, what to prioritise and how best to spend your time. That’s another reason I’m here, to make sure your learning is directed and streamlined in the most efficient way for you to improve quickly and solidly.

Finally, coaching gives an experienced winning player who knows what it takes to succeed in this difficult game a first hand insight into your game. Watching videos and reading articles is great for introducing new concepts, but it’s not a fast way to identify or plug your leaks, and these are the primary reason you’re not yet where you want to be in poker. As your coach my target is to do this as fast and throughly as possible so that you’re not just taking on hordes of new confusing information, but you’re stabilising the weakest parts of your game in order to be more solid and add a considerable whack to your win rate. This approach is known as ‘inchworm’ and ensures you don’t take on more information than the weakest foundations of your game can support.

2. So will you just watch me play and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 14.31.40

Absolutely not! While some sessions may take a format where you play live and I give you critique, these are fairly rare and are always recorded so you can watch them back later (it’s hard to take in everything while playing at the same time.) There are far better ways to achieve a lot of the aims we’ll have in improving your game. Our live sessions take many different formats, but there’s much more to my coaching than just live sessions. I believe in a fully immersive student centred style of teaching where the coach and the student community is on hand for regular support all the time, not just in session hours. You get a lot more for your money than just a few hours of a better player watching you make mistakes – and it’s just well as you need farS more than that to succeed in this climate!

3. Can you guarantee that you’ll make me a winner?


No unfortunately not. Some students have great success with me and transform themselves into strong winning players, others get there but take a little longer, having to overcome more hurdles. Unfortunately some students fail to make much lasting progress. As your coach I provide you with a sensible learning structure, well taught concepts you can understand and apply fully, a better mental game, a more professional approach to poker, stronger logic, a more solid game after we’ve plugged your most serious leaks and many more tools that you’ll need to succeed. What I can’t do is control your attitude, work-ethic or mindset. If you’re lazy, chose to repeatedly not follow my advice, play poker irresponsibly, or have any kind of gambling problem or irresolvable psychological issues, I’m afraid these are often things that can stop you from succeeding even with my help – although I certainly try my best to inspire every student and work through any mental game problems they have.

In a nutshell you’ll have a much better shot of being a winner, but a lot of it still lies on your own shoulders. It’s your poker journey, I’m just the mentor.

4. It seems expensive, can I justify spending so much?

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 14.34.43

I used the word ‘investment’ earlier for good reason. If coaching significantly increases your chances of success, it’s money you expect to make back and then some. Hiring a coach is much like taking out a loan to set up a business. In business, we expect to have some upfront costs in order to get to where we need to be to eventually churn out money and be in the black. Poker is no different. Speeding up your development and precisely improving your game in the right way saves you so much in the way of time, energy and pain that temporality forking out some money is something you should see as a profitable decision, or as we like to say in poker, +EV.

My packages are very reasonably priced for the amount of support you’ll receive. See coaching packages for more information.

5. What makes you qualified to be my coach and how do I know I can trust your advice?

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 14.37.00

I’ve been doing this for almost five years now. I’m a winning poker player with good success in the games I’ve played. Although I specialise in playing and coaching NLHE 6 max, I’m also an experienced head’s up player and am versed in the ways of SNGs and MTTs also.

I’ve had success with many students over the years and run a very active and invaluable student group where my students can share ideas, help each other and seek my advice on a daily basis.

For lots more information on this and to take a look at my poker coaching CV, check out my coaching credentials page.

Also see my testimonials page for first hand accounts from recent students and members of my busy student community.











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