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We have taken on a roster of new coaches who are all professional cash game players with a talent for teaching. Both our subscription videos and our rigorous premium courses treat poker like an academic discipline to prepare you for a successful career in cash game poker.


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Andrew Yurkovic – 50NL Online

Carrot Poker School offers an analytical and logical approach to modern day cash games that is sorely lacking in the industry. Actively engaging with the material has challenged how I approach the game and made me a better player.

Jhonas Leel – 50NL Online

The Carrot Poker School has made a huge difference in my game and completely changed the way I view poker. With my new-found solid understanding of poker theory, it has become infinitely easier to identify where people are messing up and to take advantage.

Lew Smith – 100NL Online

Since I have a full time career outside of poker, doing hundreds of hours of self-directed study was never a realistic option. The CPS has been an amazing shortcut to understanding how poker really works, with evidence-based, solver-backed, easy-to-remember concepts that build on each other to provide a complete framework.

Melissa Roberts – 2/5 Live

The Carrot Poker School transformed my game. Not only has Carrot Poker School built my theoretical poker knowledge and made me a better poker player, it has improved my confidence at the tables and made the game more fun and interesting to play.

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