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  Far too many poker courses tell you WHAT to do but the Carrot Poker School shows you HOW the game really works. Take your game to the next level with the Carrot Poker School – A Collection of FOUR extensive No Limit Holdem Cash Game Courses by veteran Poker Coach Pete Clarke

  • 43 Videos split into four grades. Choose whichever grade you want or SAVE £700 by grabbing our Full Scholarship Package and get ALL FOUR right now.
  • Homework tasks after every video to keep you engaged.
  • A thorough end of course exam for grades 1, 2 and 3 with corresponding feedback video showing you what an ideal answer would look like for each question.
  • Over 40 hours of high-quality, professionally edited footage.
  • Access to our thriving discord community full of strong hard-working players and coaches.
  • See below for a complete description of the syllabus for each course.

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Grade 1

Grade 1 is a challenging introduction to cash game poker theory. This is the perfect place to start for 90% of poker players.

11 Videos | 10 Hours

Grade 1 – Course Syllabus

  • Equity and EV: What’s the Difference. What makes a Play Good or Bad? Poker as a Tree of Possibilities.
  • Betting vs. Checking: The Pros and Cons. Common Blunders. Common Indifferent Spots.
  • Bluffing. Mandatory, Optional, and Prohibited Bluffs.
  • Polarisation. Relative Hand Strength.
  • Calling Bets. EV Requirements. Equity Realisation. Implied Odds.
  • C-Betting. Frequency and Sizing. Range Advantage and Nut Advantage.
  • Barreling the Turn. Sizing. Bluff Selection. Value Thresholds.Float Betting. Semi Polarised vs. Fully Polarised Strategies.
  • River Play – Textural Awareness, Action Sequences, Wide Range Spots.
  • Basic Blocker Patterns – Flush Draw Blockers, Backdoor Draws. Using Blockers on the River.


Grade 2

Grade 2 is an intermediate level course which assumes that you already have solid foundations and are ready to truly understand the complexities poker theory. This course ramps up in difficulty quite steeply and is the perfect follow-on from Grade 1.

11 Videos | 10 Hours


  • Polarising and Condensing. Introduction to Strategy Construction.
  • Value Betting. The Tier System for Made Hands.
  • Bluffing. Theoretical Fold Equity. World Favourability. Tiers of Bluff.
  • Bet-Sizing Toolkits. Equity Before and After Betting. Relative Polarisation.
  • The Out of Position Game. Urgency. Slowplaying. Robustness.
  • The In Position Game. Investment Ceilings. Hybrid Bets.
  • Facing Bets 1 – Range Thresholds.
  • Facing Bets 2: The Bluff Catching System.
  • 3Bet Pots – Building a Flop Strategy. Board Texture.
  • Raising Flop. Raising Turn. Raising River.

Grade 3

Grade 3 is for more advanced players who would like to become even stronger. Students should already have a strong grasp of intermediate poker theory. This course features lots of dense theoretical material but also shows you how to practice it.

11 Videos | 10 Hours

Grade 3 – Course Syllabus

  • Advanced Range Construction 1: Calling, Raising and Folding.
  • Advanced Range Construction 2: Checking and Betting.
  • Important Blocker Effects. Blocking/Unblocking Folding Ranges.
  • The Five Types of Flop Raise. The Three Types of Turn Raise. Playing Turn After Raising Flop.
  • Handling Aggression. Bluff Catcher Selection. Board Texture. Range Width and Bluff Catching.
  • Extreme Bet Sizing. Overbets. Underbets. Mastering River Sizing.
  • Triple Barreling. Bluffing EV. Hyper Polar vs. Hyper Condensed Situations.
  • Properly Protected Checking Ranges. Slowplaying and Blockers. SPR Considerations.
  • Defending 3Bet Pots: Flop Play. Donk-Betting. Jamming Turns.
  • 4-Bet Pots: Attacking and Defending. Call Only Strategies. Turn Play.


Grade E

Grade E is our mass data backed exploitative course on exactly how your opponents are playing and how to exploit them in every common spot.

10 Videos | 10 Hours


Grade E – Course Syllabus

  • Facing Continuous Aggression (Triple Barrels): Where is Population bluffing too much/too little? Introducing the Exploitative Spot Rating System.
  • Facing Scattered Aggression: Exploring Bet-Check-Bet, Check-Check-Bet and Check-Bet-Bet Lines. Punishing Overbluffing.
  • Overbluffed Board Textures: On which boards can we call down exploitatively light?
  •  Underbluffed Board Textures: On which boards should we be folding lots of our range to aggression?
  • Exploiting Stronger Players (Part 1): Creative Betting Lines. Causing Unfamiliarity and Confusion. How to Invent New Exploits.
  • Bluffing with Continuous Aggression: Underfolded Spots. Identifying Where Bluffing is Very Winning and Very Losing vs Population.
  • Bluffing with Scattered Aggression: How to Use Bet-Check-Bet and Check-Check-Bet Lines Exploitatively.
  • Exploiting Stronger Players (Part 2): Inventive Lines Involving Raising. Attacking C-Bettors in 3Bet Pots. Using Raise-Sizing to Gain an Extra Edge.
  • Facing Aggression in 3Bet Pots: Where are People Overbluffing/Underbluffing? Identifying the Severely Underbluffed Spots.
  • Attacking in 3Bet Pots. Money Printing Situations. Exploits on Earlier Streets.

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33 Videos | 30 Hours


  • An extremely dense and comprehensive journey through poker theory.
  • Watch 33 carefully produced and professionally edited videos.
  • Complete three exams and watch their corresponding feedback videos.
  • Tackle 27 other homework exercises to cement your learning.
  • Completely transform your game and have fun in the process.

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Full Scholarship

Take ALL FOUR Grades of the Carrot Poker School and save £700. Combine theory with exploits to master cash game poker. Includes Grades 1, 2, 3 and E.

43 Videos | 40 Hours

  • The complete poker education
  • Watch 43 carefully produced and professionally edited videos.
  • Learn the theory of poker and then learn how your opponents fail to apply it.
  • Profit from making less mistakes while taking advantage of theirs.

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