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Why should I choose the Carrot Poker School to learn the game?

The Carrot Poker School provides a complete and comprehensive framework for learning the theory of the NLHE cash games in a solid way from the very beginning. In total, the course contains 31.5 hours of footage and gives you the chance to practice your skills every step of the way with 27 homeworks exercises and 3 large exams to take in your own time with corresponding feedback videos going over all of the answers in detail. With The Carrot Poker School, you will leave no gaps in your knowlegde and will gain a deep understanding of how the game works.

Why should I choose Pete Clarke as my poker instructor?

Pete has become a master at distilling complex theoretical material into easily learnable theorems and concepts. Pete teaches the truth about what makes plays and strategies objectively right or wrong and shows you why. By studying with solvers for many years daily, Pete has become a strong poker theoretician.

Does Pete crush high stakes? Does he have a graph to prove his winrate

Pete doesn’t play poker for a living and plays online poker these days purely to create content. He spends most of his professional life as a poker educator and coach, doing what he loves most – teaching. To get a feel for Pete’s in-game ability though, why not check out his play and explain streams over at https://www.twitch.tv/Carrot_Corner

Where can I see proof of Pete’s results?

Pete doesn’t have the time to put in any relevant volume at the moment as he spends all of his professional time on his teaching business. Therefore, he does not have a recent graph over a big enough sample to serve as reliable evidence of true win-rate. This site used to have a graph of Pete’s older results from when he played higher volume but it was taken down because it had become quite dated.

What stakes do students normally play?

Pete teaches private students who play anywhere from 10NL to 500NL. He has taken a huge number of players from the micro-stakes through to being winners at 100NL-200NL and in some cases, beyond.

At what point in my poker career should I get coaching or do a Carrot Poker School Class?

As soon as possible. Delaying tuition is almost always a big mistake as it allows time for bad habits to form in your game. Getting your fundamentals straightened out as soon as possible is a major advantage and brand-new poker players are always the easiest to teach since they are clean slates. Plus, would you rather be putting in hours and hours of independent study before or after you’ve been shown the right way to go about it?

What Grade of the Carrot Poker School should I enrol in?

This depends on how strong your theory is. Grade 1 is right for the majority of players. Grade 2 is good for players with a solid grasp of the fundamentals of GTO and Grade 3 is for players who are already quite accomplished. If you are unsure which grade is right for you, shoot us an email to and we can discuss which course would make the most sense.

Does it matter what stakes I play for choosing a Carrot Poker School course?

Not necessarily. Stakes are not always the best measure of a player’s theoretical ability.

Why should I learn GTO if none of my opponents are playing GTO?

Playing solid theoretically correct poker means that you make far less mistakes than the field. This automatically guarantees that you will have a positive expectation in your game. You can win just by being solid and GTO strategies absolutely destroy the average opponent at any stake. However, if we want to add even more money to our win-rate then we should deviate from theoretical principles once we’re savvy enough to see where our opponents are offering us exploitative chances. Strong exploitative poker and GTO are not incompatible; far from it; they compliment each other perfectly.

I noticed that you only teach cash games here. Is there a reason I should learn cash instead of tournaments?

Cash game poker is the purest form of the game and provides many complex post-flop decisions. If you can become proficient at cash games, transitioning over to being a strong tournament player is easy for most people. This does not hold true the other way round. Be a poker purist and take up cash games. Even if you also tale up tournaments, learning cash will do wonders for your game.

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