Sebastien Wen

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Sebastien is a mid and high-stakes NLH 6max cash regular based in Canada (Toronto). He coaches on both strategy and psychology and is the mental game coach for Cash Game Crushers.

In addition to poker, he is completing an MA in Psychology and works under supervision at a clinical practice, providing treatment to general population adults.

His mental game work concerns mindfulness, presence, and radical acceptance. Strategically, he takes a hybrid approach to theory and exploitation.

Alex Pinheiro

Alex Pinheiro is a professional online poker player from the United States. He took up poker as a hobby in college and rose through the stakes from 5nl, today playing anywhere from 500nl though 5000nl. A career long fan of Pete’s, the Carrot Poker School was invaluable to his development as a player, equipping him with the crystal clear thought processes and poker theory that he uses to crush the games to this day. Since beginning as a full time professional in April 2023, Alex has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars at the tables. For his coaching, visit:

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Marco Matesic

Marco Matesic better known as Kruzer20 on PokerStars has always been a ZOOM Grinder. He has worked his way up from microstakes to 200NL-500NL where he has made a living from the game for the last several years. Kruzer combines a studious approach and a high work ethic with a fearless yet calculated style which allows him to make fewer mistakes than his opponents. Kruzer sees poker as a video game, each stake a new level to conquer. His series ‘Reg Wars’ here on Carrot Corner is a testament to his will to battle anybody, never one to turn down a good reg vs reg fight.

James Shea

James Shea began playing poker at a young age but found himself stuck for many years. His breakthrough happened when he began combining theoretical knowledge with exploitative ideas, realising where his opponents were falling short of solid play. James began tailoring his game plan to exploiting these leaks while making sure he fixed them in his own game. These days, James is regularly playing 500NL and shot-taking 1KNL while coaching on the side. He has put in a lot of work on diagnosing the most common spots that hold poker players back and has recently run seminars on how to correct them.

Justin Liu

A former graduate of CPS, Justin first made a name for himself as a volume grinder on Partypoker, playing hundreds of thousands of hands at 100-500nl fastforward under the alias “J-LIU”, terrorizing regs with his hyper-exploitative and aggressive style. Even while taking a transient hiatus from online poker to focus on his Philosophy, Politics, and Economics degree at Oxford University, Justin has remained committed to the game, putting in hours of work on both the exploitative and GTO sides of 6-max cash games. Justin is also a dedicated chess player; in just two years, he increased his blitz rating from 1100 to 2170, and hopes to become an FM one day.

Keven Li

Keven began playing poker at the age of 18 back in 2018. After making a big push to improve his game during covid he managed to break through into high stakes and now plays anywhere from 1KNL to 10KNL depending on where he can get action. He has netted over $500,000 in cash game winnings over the last few years.

Akshar Patel

Akshar Patel is a professional poker player from London UK. He began his career at 25NL, doing over 30 hours of 1-2-1 coaching with Pete Clarke as well as The Carrot Poker School course in the early days of his career. He began quickly winning and moving up through the staskes thanks to his passion for the game and raw talent for finding aggressive lines and exploiting the competition. Nowadays, Akshar plays 500NL as his main game and has been shot-taking 1000NL while doing some regular coaching on the side. To work with Akshar on your game, shoot him an email here:

Spencer James

A graduate of the Carrot Poker School and long term student of Pete’s, Spencer went from being a small stakes live player to frequenting mid-stakes online and high-stakes live. Coming at poker from a practical angle to give you protocols that actually drive win rate, Spencer is a big believer in trueEV. While he is armed to the teeth with poker theory, he very often deviates in search of the highest win rate possible.

Ed Eley

A Carrot Poker School graduate and former private student of Pete’s, Ed made a massive breakthrough when he figured out how to combine his impressive theory knowledge with exploitative reasoning. He recently logged an impressive win rate of 6.3bb/100 at 100NL over 466,000 hands and has been winning steadily since moving up to 200NL. Ed prides himself on maximising winnings vs weaker players, understanding where his edge is biggest, and how to maximise it.