• Larger packages are advisable to improve over the long-term
  • May be useful for sampling a coaching lesson or addressing a very specific topic

  • 5 one hour long coaching sessions of various formats
  • Access to my private student google+ group
  • Constant one to one online support from me via Skype messaging or email
  • Homework and goal setting tailored to your poker needs
  • Unique opportunities to feature in videos and podcasts

  • 10 one hour long coaching sessions of various formats
  • All of the benefits of the bronze pack

  • 25 one hour long coaching sessions of various formats
  • All of the benefits of the bronze pack
  • Please be sure you are 100% committed to taking poker seriously before embarking on this package


He set up regular times and every session supported me and helped me grow my game. The biggest thing was, how reliable Pete was and how much he seemed to care about making me a winning player.

” I went from a 4.87BB/100 loser over 57,562 hands to a 4.36BB/100 winner over 57,504 hands. That is over 114,000 hands total and a net BB/100 change of 9.23.”

His book alone, The Grinder’s Manual is the best poker book I have read and getting the author to coach me personally was the best poker decision I have made. I can not recommend him enough!”

Why Hire Me?

  1. The Mandatory Graph
    Being qualified as a poker coach is about far more than being able to show off a pretty graph. Nevertheless, pretty graphs help and it’s always nice to know the coach that you’re investing your trust money and time in is capable of beating the limits you’re playing, and then some. The graph above shows my rise through the stakes from 25NL to 200NL. Although my win rates have been solid through these stakes, this makes up only a fraction of my credentials a poker coach. You’d be foolish to hire me based on this alone!
  2. Coaching Credentials
    I have successfully helped students grow and transition through the stakes since 2010. I’ve worked with hundreds of different poker players and got better at teaching the game every day. I have recorded hundreds of training videos at sites like, and I am currently an instructor at You will be hard pushed to find a more qualified and experienced coach.
  3. Access to Student Group
    My coaching packages come with everyday support from me as well as access to my student group where you can share your journey with lots of other students all striving to get better at poker. There are lots of experienced players in this group who can give you feedback in addition to the sessions you have with me.
  4. Student Focus
    Coaching is about seeing your individual student as exactly that – an individual. I involve all of my students in lessons to the extent that they talk more than I do. In my coaching package I diagnose your major leaks, set goals and constantly recap and revise to ensure these goals are being achieved. We learn new material based on the biggest weaknesses in your game and what is most relevant for your stakes. Sessions form part of a learning plan tailored specifically to you. Homework is set constantly and guided work you do in-between sessions is just as valuable as session time itself.
  5. Testimonials
    Many of my podcasts are recorded with one of my students as a guest. Their satisfaction with my coaching services are evident from listening to these, but if you prefer to see some written testimonials, please see my testimonials page.

How do I enquire about Coaching?

To get started with a coaching package or for any additional information, complete the form below, or if you prefer, feel free to shoot me an email to with any questions you may have.

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