Terms and Conditions


By purchasing a coaching package the student agrees to the following terms and conditions:

1. Except for when taking holidays or ill, the coach will be available to provide at least one hour of tuition per week as long as the student has either a regular weekly slot or can offer three or more alternative hourly slots between the hours of 9am-10pm Monday-Thursday + Sunday and 9am-5pm Friday (GMT)

2. A coaching package is only valid for X weeks where X is 2x the number of sessions in the package. EG. if you buy 10 lessons, you have 20 weeks to have taken them all. Any residual lessons are then void unless the coach has agreed an extension of the package due to mitigating circumstances on the student’s behalf.

3. Package validity will be extneded whenever the coach is liable for sessions not taking place.

4. The student may cancel a booked lesson at any time by providing 48 hours notice or more. Sessions cancelled at shorter notice may become void at the coach’s discretion.

5. The coach may cancel a lesson at any time due to ill health.

6. The coach may become temporarily unavailable for lessons due to taking holidays. All holidays will be announced at least two weeks in advance.

7. All packages are completely non-refundable unless the coach is no longer able to provide a regular coaching service as detailed in 1. Refunds are not permitted where the student is unhappy with the quality of lessons, but I’m proud to say that this has never once happened.

8. Sessions are never bookable on Saturdays.