Coaching Packages

Here’s some information about the various all inclusive coaching packages I offer. These packages are the most common way for students to get started with coaching and include not only discounted bunches of live  sessions over Skype and screen sharing, but also many other added bonuses. To purchase these packages is not simply to purchase a group of sessions, but to hire me as your coach and mentor, there to guide you and set goals every step of the way.

A word on rates: the prices you’ll find below are extremely competitive in the industry. Given my extensive experience, coaching success and all the extra benefits included in the packages, I can honestly say you’ll be very hard pushed to find better value for money elsewhere. Note that rates are in £ (GBP). If you want to send payment in your own currency then that’s fine but please convert it first to make sure the amount is correct.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.17.12.png

While I do offer single sessions at £70 per hour, I think hiring a coach is a long term investment and that support should extend over a period of weeks/months. The packages below do exactly this and are far better value for money, including a lot more in the way of essential resources. That said, I’m happy to do single session with people either who are either unsure whether they want to hire a coach or have some very specific goal in mind that they’d like to work on.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.16.30.png

This is a good introductory package and includes 5 lessons to get the ball rolling and get a flavour for coaching.  In this limited time we can set the right path for improvement and get the most crucial leaks fixed. Most students end up extending after this initial period.

*5 one hour long coaching sessions of various formats.
*A free 30 min consultation at the start of session 1 to gauge the best approach and find your most general leaks.
*Access to my private student  google+ group, full of over 30 other students where you can get constant feedback and discussion, HH reviews and much more. The place is always lively and you can arrange sweats with other members or just log onto the screen share to see who’s projecting their daily grind and discuss the spots that come up.
*Constant one to one online support from me via Skype messaging or email. This can be about technical poker questions, your mental game, BR management, tilt, whatever you need; as your coach I’m there.
*Homework and goal setting tailored to your poker needs as we go.
*Unique opportunities to feature in videos and podcasts.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 17.16.54.png

This package comes with 10 lessons at a discounted rate and provides awesome value should students wish to hire a coach for a longer spell and really fix up their game from the inside out. A lot can be achieved in this time.

*10 one hour long coaching sessions of various formats.
*All of the above benefits contained in the starter pack

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 13.34.55.png

This 25 session package is mega value. Bumper pack students are investing in a true commitment to work hard with me as their coach for 5-6 months (assuming weekly sessions.) Some of my most successful students have worked with me for long periods like this. Please be sure you are 100% committed to taking poker seriously before embarking on this package.

*25 one hour long coaching sessions of various formats.
*All of the benefits contained in the above two packages.

To get started with a coaching package or for any additional information please shoot me an email to

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