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100 Hands is Now Live


The book is now live. Get your copy here:


Imagine that you have just sat down to play a session of 6-Max Cash online. Now imagine that the next 100 hands that you play are all fascinating and difficult spots. Imagine that time has been slown down to the extent that you can think for as long as you want on each hand and perform as vigorous an analysis as you possibly can. Finally, imagine an expert standing over your shoulder, ready to show you a detailed analysis of each hand right after you have completed your own attempt to solve the spot. Welcome to 100 Hands, the longest and most instructive poker session of your life.

Silver coloured hands are played by students. The reader’s job is to play coach and critique their play. Gold hands are played by the author. The reader’s job here is to understand the chosen line and try to predict what I will do next before reading the analysis.

100 Hands is a quiz book where the analysis is as deep as that you’d find in a textbook. There are no one line answers, but rather 100 essays to get your teeth into.

Check out the 100 Hands page below for a free sample and more information:

100 Hands Page



This is an ancient song I composed in 2005 in my university dorm, named so because I was in the process of failing to study for an exam and messing around on my guitar instead. It’s kind of hard to say what it’s about, a mishmash of thoughts and ideas reality.