100 Hands

My new book and the follow up to The Grinder’s Manual is on its way! This book will be a pure hand analysis book featuring 100 real life online 6-max cash hands divided into two categories.

Green hands are ones posted onto my student community by my students. It is the reader’s job to critique my students play before hearing me do that myself. I analyse these in full suggesting improvements, praising or condemning the actions taken and finishing up with a “Summary to the Student”. How was your coaching compared to mine?

Orange hands are ones played by yours truly. These hands always end with a question mark on the final relevant street and it is the reader’s job top figure out why I’ve played this way until now and what we should do next. These hands end with “The Coaches Line:” after extensive analysis. Did you pick the right line for the right reasons?

100 Hands is a quiz book where the analysis is as deep as that you’d find in a textbook. There are no one line answers, but rather 100 essays to get your teeth into.

Early indications suggest September 2017 as the rough time of publishing.

100 Hands will be available as a PDF and as kindle book on the Amazon Store.

Stay tuned for a sample extract soon and see the progress bars below to see how close we’re getting to release.

Happy Grinding!

Hand Images Created


Hand Analyses Written